About us

Our story begins in 1996 under the name MAGRO NB, in 2007 to continue with rebranded name IGN MAGRO AGROHEMIKAL, but with the same commitment and care for our customers and with the same professionalism, characteristic of our company from the beginning of its establishment.

The main activity of our company is a retail trading and wholesale agricultural fertilizers, plant protection and intermediate goods. We are here to enable the individual agricultural producers everything they need for good and quality agricultural product, and the expertise of our agronomists is available at any time.

IGN MAGRO AGROHEMIKAL over the years has grown into a serious business partner within agricultural community in Macedonia and the region, so today in its product portfolio has exclusive offer on top products from world reputable companies.


In the interest of the development of Macedonian agriculture, our company is representative of several foreign companies, all in the field of agriculture. This are companies with great experience in his domain, as the Greek company LEDRA LTD which produces fertilizers on the latest technology under license from American company G.T. CHEMICALS, for which brand IGN MAGRO AGROHEMIKAL is the exclusive representative of the Macedonian and Serbian market.

Also, our range of offers includes products of AGROGLOBE company from Serbia which has the best seed wheat of French origin such as Apache, Andino and Anapurna.

The products of the Hungarian Institute for Development and production of seeds ZKI VETOMAG are also represented on the Macedonian market through our company, as well as plant seeds of MAISADOUR- France and SATIVA Italy. Products of all listed brands are readily available to our customers through our eight agricultural pharmacies at different locations in Republic of Macedonia .

Thanks to the high technology and the professionals from DAIOS PLASTICS from Greece, we dispose of all kinds of high quality and long lasting folios, products that are the first choice of companies and individual producers of agricultural products in greenhouses.

In order Macedonian market to be more diverse, we made sure our customers to be enabled to get access to the products from the range of PINDSTRUP of Latvia in whose peat and substrate they are undisputed leaders in the markets of Denmark, Ireland, Spain, Estonia and Latvia. From now present here in pharmacies IGN MAGRO AGROHEMIKAL.

In our offer,  there is also a range of offers from the POLINS from Serbia, from whose production program on the market we offer the best for domestic and agricultural use.


Full professional care and protect your crops by world standards.


Leader in agricultural expertise and innovation.